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Licking ass is dirty and therefore licking ass is hot, at least in porn. It might not be fun to lick an asshole yourself but it sure is fun to watch a dirty porn slut run her tongue all over the anal entrance. The more adventurous girls are even willing to stuff a tongue up in there. As the name suggests Anal Lick Fest is all about tonguing butthole. Guys and girls alike get licked on the asshole, although it's only the girls doing the licking. The scenes tend to involve anal sex and there's some ass to mouth sucking too. - Visit "Anal Lick Fest"

Score: 82.5%

There was a time when Anal Lick Fest updated regularly but that time has passed. It's now been two months since a fresh scene was added so I wouldn't expect the site to get any larger. There are 96 episodes here and each comes with a video and a picture gallery. The 26 most recent scenes play at 1280x720 and 3000kbps. They look sizzling hot. The older scenes play at 512x336 and 1100kbps so after seeing the HD you might not want to go back to those. They don't look particularly good so you couldn't be blamed for that. The movies can be downloaded in WMV and MPEG and they come in full length clips or in 2.5 minute clips. There's a streaming version as well and it always looks good enough even if it's not great. The supposedly high resolution picture galleries display at 900px, a thoroughly average resolution. The video captures aren't great either. - Visit "Anal Lick Fest"

There is some serious ass licking action going on at Anal Lick Fest. Each scene features two girls and a guy and they start with the ladies by themselves. They're given the task of eating some ass to get the party started and they're always so damn good at it. When the guy comes in they're tasked with licking his asshole too and as you might imagine they jump at the chance. After rimming him they turn to sucking and fucking. The oral sex is great and the hardcore is mostly in the asshole. When the guy fucks one chick the other babe will often rim him. They do lots of ass to mouth action and the asshole that's just been fucked is often licked as well. There's a whole bunch of ass licking action here, in other words. It's really pretty terrific stuff. It's actually one of the better rimjob sites I've come across online so if you're interested in butt licking sex then you can't go wrong with a membership. - Visit "Anal Lick Fest"

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Anal Lick Fest comes with access to 58 other sites in the Meat Members network. It's a collection of sites that features really hardcore content. Ass licking is just the tip of the iceberg. There's all kinds of super naughty and awesome action. Cum swallowing, hard anal, deep penetration, throat fucking, rough sex, and much more.

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