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The facial is a key part of many porn scenes and it seems to be getting more popular as guys really get into seeing a girl's face dripping with hot jizz. There are some sites that do a good hardcore and blowjob scene with a nice facial at the end and then there are sites like Its Facials that line up bunches of guys to cum on the faces of their pretty models. It's a bukkake site with tons of cum blasting in every scene. There are preview videos and pictures on the tour and you can see that some sets have dozens of dudes ready to shoot their wads on the sexy ladies. - Visit "It's Facials"

Score: 77.5%

There are 20 scenes at Its Facials and they haven't updated in more than a year. I can understand why they wouldn't want to keep producing scenes – it must be difficult to get 30-50 guys lined up to cum on a girl's face and it can't have been cheap – but that doesn't excuse the fact that this site is small and hasn't updated in a long time. The videos play at 512x384 and can be downloaded at 1200kbps. They typically come in WMV and MPEG but neither format looks particularly good so don't expect to be blown away. They've broken each scene into 2 minute clips as well. You can download or stream those. They have a picture gallery for every bukkake update and the images are 900px. That's not particularly big and sometimes the lighting really sucks. They provide a zip file for the photo gallery so you can keep everything on your hard drive. - Visit "It's Facials"

The facial genre is a big one. There are dozens of good sites with big facials. However, there are very few sites with what are essentially facial gangbangs. At Its Facials the guys don't really get to fuck the models or even get blowjobs from them. Instead they stroke their cocks and maybe get help from fluffers that we don't see on camera. A scene typically begins with the girl playing with herself to get the guys turned on and then they line up and start shooting all over her. The cum concentration is on her face and by the end of any given scene you can expect the model to be completely coated. Her face will be shiny, sometimes she'll be unable to open her eyes, and plenty of it will have dripped down onto her tits. It gets really messy and it's really sexy stuff. The video quality works hard against the site and the lack of much content is troublesome too. There are problems here but it might be worth a look if you crave this sort of facial content. - Visit "It's Facials"

Bonus Content

The 58 bonus sites in the Meat Members network are worth it too. That's a mighty big collection of hardcore porn and there are a few facial and cum focused sites in the collection that should serve to arouse fans of Its Facials. If you join it's unlikely that you'll be annoyed with your membership because there's good value.

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